Září 2016

Mum is The First

28. září 2016 v 12:27
One afternoon, I was cleaning a big fish pond with a pole brush. Suddenly I smelt a strange odour .

What's the matter? English ladies and gentlemen always use nice perfume to keep a good mind. By the way, I never use perfume but I like sniffing from them, I have my own idea about the perfume using: Everybody used perfume but me, so everybody could smell the perfume, so they would think I used too.

Where does the different smell come from? I looked around and there was a buxom lady about early forties approaching me, and there was an old lady followed her and supported by a walk wheel. The smell was stronger as she nearer to me. I looked at her there were lots of grey hairs attached to her clothes.

"What's happened? Why there were so many hairs on your clothes?" I asked.

"Dog, Dog's." She answered.

"Dog's hair!?" I was only half believed.

"Yes, I kept four dogs." She said.

"She is your Mum?" I pointed at the elderly lady.

"Yes!" She said.

They left me and went to look at fish, after about half an hour, she called me for service. She wanted to buy two Gold Tenches. During the serving, I asked:

"How old is your Mum?"

She didn't answer but asked her Mum:

"How old are you? Mum!"

"Se-ven-ty eigh-t!" Her Mum chewed the words out.

"Seventy-eight, you have a good health." I said.

The Mum and daughter smiled.

"Your Mum live with you?" I asked.

"No, I live with Mum and look after Mum." she answered.

"You have dogs, fish and look after Mum, you work should be so hard." I said to her.

"Besides the dogs and fish, I kept two cats too." She said.

"How much did you spent for your dogs, cats and fishes each day?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter about money, I just love them." She said.

"You love dogs, cats and fish so much." I said.

"And Mum! Mum comes first!" She said with a sweet smile like she was eighteen years old.